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SF Grade<Focusing on Self Cleaning>
The Shoshimon Film SF Grade is a hard coat film that focuses on self-cleaning, where the fingerprint attached to the surface naturally disappears. Fingerprints do not stand out and disappear naturally, making it suitable for use on stationary devices such as desktop computers, laptop computers, digital photo frames.
<Product Features>
・High Fingerprint Removal Effect where the fingerprint naturally disappears(Self Cleaning)
・The fingerprints do not stand out(Fingerprint Resistant)
<Film Characteristics>
Total Light Transmittance 91.9%
Haze 0.5%
Pencil Hardness F
Excoriation Resistance No scratches after 100g×10 back and forth motions
(High Gloss Grade)
Stationary Digital Devices
・Desktop Computers
・Digital Photo Frames
<Fingerprint Specifications>
①Visibility Test
Visibility Test:The Haze variation after adding a fingerprint is measured using a haze meter (HR-100).

→The fingerprint stands out less when the smaller the haze variation is, the smaller the fingerprint stands out.
②Fingerprint Removal Test
After Adding Fingerprint
Few Minutes After Adding Fingerprint