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AF Grade<Focusing on Fingerprint Resistance>
The Shoshimon Film “AF Grade” is a new type of fingerprint-resistant hard coat film that prevents fingerprint stains. Fingerprints do not stand out and are easy to wipe off, making this hard coat film suitable to use on the surface of mobile devices such as smartphones and digital cameras.
Hard coat film(Focusing on Fingerprint Resistance)
-Shoshimon Hard Coat Layer
-PET Film (100μm)
-Adhesive Layer

※Please feel free to inquire about different thicknesses.

<Product Features>
・Fingerprints gradually disappear
・Fingerprints do not stand out and can easily be wiped off
・High Durability
<Film Characteristics>
Total Light Transmittance 93.2%
Haze 1.0%
Pencil Hardness 3H
Excoriation Resistance No scratches after 500g×10 back and forth motions
(High Gloss Grade)
<Evaluation Method>
Pencil Hardness Test: Following the JIS K S600, the measurement was done under 500g load
Excoriation Resistance Test : The Shoshimon hard coat surface was scratched back and forth with a #0000 steel wool under 500g/cm2 load and after it was evaluated if there are any scratches by transmission and reflection.
Mobile devices
・Smartphones and Portable Game Devices
・Digital Cameras and Laptop Computers
<Fingerprint Resistance>
Fingerprint Resistance Measurement
Fingerprint Resistance Measurement Method:
After adding a fingerprint to the Shoshimon hard coat surface, the variation of Haze from before and after the fingerprint was added is measured. The finger print area is also wiped back and forth 5 and 10 times with a bemcot(250g/cm2 load), and the variation of Haze is measured during that.
※1: JIS K7105 Murakami Color Research Laboratory HR-100
Durability Test
Durability Test Method:
The film resistance was measured after scratching the Shoshimon hard coat surface with Bemcot 10000 times back and forth.