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Measurement Systems / RISA Series
Brightness measurement systems
XY brightness measurement systems
XY brightness
measurement systems
ORDL-001.002 is a system that measure the brightness, angle characteristics and luminance distribution of backlights for liquid crystal displays (LCD) and other planar light sources.

ORDL-005 is a brightness / chromaticity measurement system that is adequate for measuring mobile use LCDs and small-sized backlights. Its body is a dark box type so there is no need for a dark room.

ORDL-006 automatically measures the characteristics or the vertical axis, horizontal axis and XY coordinates for brightness / chromaticity of plasma-displays (PDP), backlights and liquid-crystal displays (LCD).
The RISA Series
The RISA Series
This is a system that measures characteristics such as chromaticity, chromaticity distribution, brightness and brightness distribution of backlights for liquid-crystal displays (LCD) and others by using a CCD camera.

High-speed measurement :
It measures 10000 points within 4 seconds. It is possible to measure without time deviation.

Stability :
Brightness ; whithin +-1%
Chromaticity ; less than +-0.003%