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Product Information
TSUJIDEN began manufacturing optical films for backlights after taking notice of the diffusibility, transparency, and light harvestability of Acrylic Spherical Particles that previously had never been used in this application, and applied them to develop optical diffuser films.

In 1991, it was a small amount, but the film was first adopted by LCD manufacturers because of it's characteristics which improved more than over 10% of brightness in comparison with previous products, and now we have a line up of approximately 30 different types of optical diffusion films that correspond to different specifications and use of backlights (ex: Mobile Phone, Laptop, Desktop computers, LCD TV, Lighting, etc. )
TSUJIDEN has also manufactured several types of reflector films.

Furthermore, as well as developing materials, TSUJIDEN has also developed various kinds of secondary processing technologies (The standard Dot printing technology for anti-luminescent lines is a processing technology that TSUJIDEN developed. ) and processing equipment to materialize those technologies.

In recent years, TSUJIDEN has also been developing non-optical functional films as well.
Lineup of Tsujiden films and sheets
Tsujiden’s New Attempts
AF(Anti Fingerprint)
SF(Self Cleaning)
Films for LCD Backlights
Manufacturing and sales of optical film
High Diffusion Type
High Concentration Type
Color Correction Type
Fine Shape Optical Film :
Prism Type
Dot Type
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Functional Film:
Various Hardcoat Types
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Secondary processing and finished products
Printed products
Die cut products
Products with double-sided tape
Measurement Devices for Sale
XY Luminance measurement system (BM-7 type)
RISA (CCD camera type)
Processing technologies developed by TSUJIDEN
Anti-luminescent line printing [Dot printing/Fine dot printing/Super fine dot printing/Random dot printing]
NS Die[For High Brightness Models]
Double width[Double-Sided Tape]