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for LCD backlight use
TSUJIDEN has a wide range of products such as diffusion films used for backlights, reflection films, reflectors and side face tapes that match the various needs of customers.
for LCD backlight use
The LTO Series
Reflective-type diffuser
Reflection Plate
The LTO series was developed for the use in LCDs with backlights,
and it has optical diffusibility that is a uniform surface illuminant combined with optical reflectivity that raises the contrast of LCDs and allows a clearer display when the LCD is not lighted.
Light Equalization Film
Lighting curtains
Lighting Curtains
The custom designed gradation of this film equalizes the brightness irregularity of backlights.
Secondary Processing
Secondary processing
We develop original processing machinery based on our experience through the past years and have accumulate unique processing techniques and know-how. TSUJIDEN does developing, manufacturing and secondary processing requested by customers by using various types of films and sheets as the material for LEDs/LCDs and all types of electronic displays, and responds to the needs of our customers by a coherent system.