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LCD devices are now used in LCD televisions, computers, tablets, digital cameras, video cameras, smartphones, car navigation systems, and many other displays used for advanced electronic products, and the range of applications is expanding.

Optical films such as Diffuser and Reflector sheets that cause the small light sources to spread across the screen help characters and images show evenly, and they are indispensable components of these LCD devices that are called flat panel displays.

Tsujiden is the top manufacturer of the optical film industry and has a high share in the market. We are also continuing our challenge to develop many different types of new optical films, functional films, and products related to electronics.
Management Philosophy
Tsujiden will contribute to society through the industrial world by supplying products that bring prosperity and joy to our customers.

Tsujiden will create a workplace where all employees can satisfyingly demonstrate their abilities, and strive for the happiness and prosperity of all families.

Tsujiden will practice management strategies that foresee the future and strive to develop for the local community and us continuously.

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