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Fundamental Principals
Tsujiden aims to pass on the rich nature of the Omura bay to the next generation, and conducts its corporate activities to protect the local district and the earth’s environment, and reduce environmental load.
Corporate Guidline
■ Through the development and manufacturing of optical multifunctional films, Tsujiden Co,. Ltd. will evaluate its activity, products, and service on how they will impact the environment, including the lifecycles. Tsujiden will establish an environmental management system to improve our environmental performance as much as possible to the extent of technical and economic limitations and will conserve the environment and continue to review and improve that activity and prevent pollutions.

■ We will follow environmental laws and other requirements agreed by related organizations, and conduct further environmental conservation.

■ Tsujiden Co,. Ltd. will engage in its activities by following the next items as it’s environmental conservation items throughout every step of its products and service.
① Promote energy conservation, resource conservation, recycling, and reduction of waste.
② Make improvements in items that contribute to the environment at each division's daily activity.

■ We will carry out internal environmental audits and will maintain and improve our Environmental Management System.

■ Tsujiden will educate and train each member that works at or for the organization to improve their awareness.

■ We will disclose our environmental policy upon requests from inside and outside of our company.

Feburary 1, 2019 Tsujiden Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Takeyasu Tsujimoto