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NS-Die (high precision die cutting)
Taping standards [Double width separator type]
By making the separators wide, TSUJIDEN's tapes greatly exceed in separator peeling ability ( which raises the efficiency of working property ) and glue stability ( which improves quality ).

Further, the width of the tape area has a high accuracy of ±0.1 .
Taping standards
Standards of part A Standards of part B Standards of part C
* 1±1 2.5±0.1 MAX3.0
2.0±0.1 MAX2.5
1.5±0.1 MAX2.0
1.0±0.1 MAX1.5
0.6±0.1 MAX1.1
* At half cutting (cutting and pasting at the same time), part A can be 0.
Inclined separator type
To avoid the separator to get in the way of assembling, TSUJIDEN does processing such like the figures shown below.
Inclined separator type