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Anti-luminescent line measures
Anti-luminescent line measures
For an anti-luminescent line measures, TSUJIDEN prints dot patterns on the bottom diffusion film, but as the panels be made more and more precise, "moires" caused by interferences between the panel and the dot patterns occured, so the development of a finer dot pattern became necessary.

This product has extremely precise dot patterns compared to conventional types, and it makes "moires" difficult to occur. In addition, the patterns are hard to recognize by eye, so anti-luminescent line measures on the top diffusion film are possible.
Anti-luminescent line measures for high accurate types
Recommended examples
Anti-luminescent line measures for laptops that use CCFLs as their source of light.
Fine dot printing ⇒ super fine dot printing
Anti-luminescent line measures for portable phones that LEDs as its source of lights.
It corresponds to change of the LGP system.
Anti-luminescent line measures for high accurate types of the conventional backlight structures.
Top use diffusion film
Without the bottom diffusion film