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Product Information
The manufacturing of the optical films for backlights at TSUJIDEN started out by taking notice of the acryl fine spherical particle's diffusibility / transparency / light harvestability which had not been used before. TSUJIDEN used these characteristics of the material to develop a new type of optical diffusion film.

In 1991, it was a small amount, but the film was adopted by LCD manufacturers because of it's characteristic which improved more than over 10% of brightness in comparison with other diffusion films from the past, and now we have a line up of about 30 different types of optical diffusion films that correspond to different specifications and use of backlights (ex: Mobile Phone, Laptop, Desktop computers, LCD TV, Lighting, etc. )
TSUJIDEN has also manufactured several types of reflector films.

Furthermore, as well as developing material, TSUJIDEN has also developed various kinds of secondary processing technologies ( The common Dot printing technology for anti-luminescent lines is a processing technology that TSUJIDEN developed. ) and processing equipment to materialize those technologies.
Lineup of Tsujiden films and sheets
Business contents for LCD use backlights
Optical diffusion films
Hich diffusion type
Converging type
Custom-made/Customized type [ex: for 'ZEONOR' tyoe light guiding panels]
Anti UV type ( eflector sheet )
Custom-made/Customized type [ex: for 'ZEONOR' tyoe light guiding panels]
Lighting curtains
ITO films
Secondary processing and finished products
Printed products
Die cut products
Products with pressure sensitive adhesive double-coated tape
Measurement devices
XY Luminance measurement system ( M-7 type )
RISA ( CCD camera type )
Processing technologies developed by TSUJIDEN
Anti-luminescent line printing [Dot printing/Fine dot printing/Super fine dot printing/Random dot printing]
NS Die[High precision die cutting]
Double width[Pressure sensitive adhesive double coated tape]